Europa stamps – Croatia -2015- Old Toys

Croatia issued a set of Two stamps on Europa theme on 07 May 2015. The theme was old toys.

4.60 kuna – To Tak  : Art as Play and Play as Art – Consists of 14 elements of turned wood of various size and shapes which can be put together in unlimited number of combinations. Designed by Ante Jakic.  Print  300,000

7.60 Kuna -Porcelain Doll –  The Golden period of such dolls is late 19th and early 20th Century. These dolls are collectors items and fetch great prices at auctions. The factory Armand Marseille at Koppelsdorf is known to have produced three million heads per year at one time. This doll depicted on the stamp is wearing folk costume of Posavina region. The dolls in Croatia are generally of Austrian or German origin. This one from the Armand Marseille class is small , old and richly embroidered like folk dress.

Print 300,000     A First Day Cover is listed.