Traditional Food of Nepal – 2017

Nepal issued a set of Four Se-tenant stamps of Rupee One each on Traditional Food of Nepal. The Stamps feature

Re 1 – Yomari       – It is delicacy of Newar community of Nepal. Steamed dumpling made of flour with sweet fillings. Popular during  Yomari Punhi festival.

Re 1 -Sel   – Traditional ring shaped rice bread which is sweet. popular in Nepal and among Nepali communities in Darjeeling and Sikkim areas of India. Made of Rice flour, Ghee , Butter, Cardamom, Cloves etc . Dough is made and fried in boiling oil.

Re 1 – Anarasa – Indian pastry like snack associated with Diwali Festival in Bihar and Nepal. Made from powdered rice ,jaggery

Re 1 – Lakhamari – Nepalese Fried Sweet dish from Newar Culture. It is served during Festivals and to guests during Marriage Functions. Made of Black Lentil flour , sugar and butter.