Stepwells or Baori of Delhi -Stamps India 2017.

India Post issued a set of 16 Stamps on the theme Stepwells of India on 29 Dec 2017. Two of stepwells are located in Delhi.

Rs 5 Stamp – Agrasen Ki Baori is located in Connaught Place in Delhi .It consists of 103 steps of red stone and was built by King Agrasen and re-built by Agrawal Community in 14th Century. It is 60-metre long and 15 metre wide.

Rs 15 Stamp -Rajon ki Baori – This is a famous Stepwell and Archaeological monument located in Archaeological Park in Mehrauli in South Delhi. It was built in 1516 by Daulat Khan and restored in 2000s. It is named after masons as Rajon Ki Baori.