Terracotta Temples of India – India Stamps 2020.

India Post has issued a set of Seven stamps and a miniature sheet on Terracotta Temples of India. The temples are made from locally available laterite stones. Five stamps are of Rupees 5 Denomination and two are Rupees 12 denomination. The Temples are

Rupees Five – Indralath Temple –  Ranipur Jharial. – Dedicated to Lord Shiva . This 8th Century AD temple is located in Bangomunda Block in Balangir District of Odisha. It is believed that Indra first worshipped Lord Shiva here and built a temple.

Rupees Five – Madan Mohan Temple  Bishnupur (West Bengal). Dedicated to Madanmohan (Krishna). Built by King Durjana Singh Deva in ekaratna stylein 1694 . It is Suare flat roofed building with curved cornices with Pinnacle.Carvings on walls depict scenes from Ramayana, Mahabharata and Puranas.

Rupees Five – Jor-Bangla Temple  Bishnupur – Temple dedicated to Krishna and Gouranga .Built by King Raghunath Singha II in 1655. Roof is done in classic Chala style of Bengal Architecture.

Rupees Twelve – Shyamrai Temple , Bishnupur Temple

Rupees Twelve – Lalji Temple  Kalna  – Dedicated to Radha Krishna and built by Bir Singha II in ekaratna style in 1658.

Rupees Five – Lakshman Temple, Sirpur

Rupees Five – Nemya Khera Temple