Equestrian Events – Stamps of Australia 2014.

A set of five stamps was issued by Australia on 15 Jul 2014 on Equestrian events .

Horses first arrived in Australia with first fleet in 1788 with one stallion , three mares , one colt and three fillies abroad. Since then three breeds of horses have been developed in Australia – The Waler , The Australian Stock Horse  and Australian Pony.

Apart from Horse Racing , equestrian events have developed over the years. Equestrian became an Olympic Sport in 1900 with showjumping. Dressage and eventing was incorporated from 1912 Olympics at Stockholm , Sweden. Polocrosse is also played at International level with a World Cup held every two years.

The Five stamps represent the English Equestrian events , which are different from Western Riding styles. All are 70 cents stamps.

70c – Dressage   70c – Cross-Country    70c -Showjumping

70c – Polocrosse         70c – Pony Club