Equestrian Events – Stamps of Australia 2014 -POLOCROSSE

A set of five stamps was issued by Australia on 15 Jul 2014 on Equestrian events .

Apart from Horse Racing , equestrian events have developed over the years. Equestrian became an Olympic Sport in 1900 with showjumping. Dressage and eventing was incorporated from 1912 Olympics at Stockholm , Sweden. Polocrosse is also played at International level with a World Cup held every two years.

The Five stamps represent the English Equestrian events , which are different from Western Riding styles. All are 70 cents stamps.

70c – Dressage – This discipline which is part of eventing is based on achieving a high degree of obedience, flexibility and balance in the horse. The rider puts the horse through a predetermined series of movements or figures in a rectangular arena. The rider on stamp is Heath Ryan (Australia) on Regardez Moi

70c – Cross-Country   – Part of three day or one eventing event. It is like triathlon comprising Dressage , Cross Country and Showjumping. A cross country course comprises 30 natural often permanent obstacles including water element. The course has to be complted against time and is an endurance test for Horse and the Rider. The rider on Stamp is Emma Scott (Australia) on Mustang.

70c -Showjumping-  Also called leaping ,originated in Europe in 19th century and tests the dexterity , fitness, training  & courage of a horse as well as partnership between horse and rider. The horse is required to clear temporary obstacles against time keeping the red flag on rider’s right and white on left. The rider is Jamie Kermond (Australia) on Valhalla

70c – Polocrosse  – It originated in Australia in 1939 and there are at least 4,000 players in Australia. Unlike Polo the Players use a netted stick to play this Game . Each team has six players and it is played over two sessions. It is a fast paced team sport and there are 135 clubs in Australia.

70c – Pony Club- These are youth organisations which encourage youth to learn riding . First formed in Britain in 1929 , there are about 980 active clubs in Australia with 50,000 members.