Nostalgic Advertisements on Stamps -Australia 2014.

Australia issued a set of five stamps on Nostalgic Advertisements on 19 Aug 2014. During this era the Poster advertising merged with arts. It was also the Golden age of graphic design and visual advertising. Many of Australia’s earlier posters are now regarded as art forms and highly collectable. These beautiful stamps are designed by Sonia Young.

All stamps are of 70 cents denomination and feature the following advertisements. 70c – Phillip Island 70c – Harper’s Empire self-raising flour. 70c – Fly TAA the friendly way 70c – Jacko Shoe Shine 70c – Swallow & Ariell’s

70c – Phillip Island – The engaging little Penguin is promoting the attractions of Phillip Island in Victoria.This advertisement was also commissioned by Victorian Railways .

70c – Harper’s Empire self-raising flour- Harper’s Empire flour made by Robert Harper & Co was a popular household brand in Australia in 1920s and 1930s with factories in Sydney , Adelaide, Brisbane and Freemantle.