Ancient & Native Australian Trees – Miniature Sheet 2015

Australia issued a set of four stamps on four ancient and native trees which are very distinctive. These are Queensland Bottle tree, Lemon-scented Gum, Green Fig and Moonah.

The Photographer is Kimbal Baker. His photographs appear in the Book called Australia’s remarkable Trees , Melbourne University Press 2010. The Stamp images were photographed from below the tree and they show the unusual and striking perspective of the upper canopy.

70c – Lemon Scented Gum Tree – This tree is native to eastern New South Wales and Queensland . It grows from 35 to 50 metres. It has a narrow-leaved crown which smells strongly of Lemon. The example depicted on stamp grows near Tocumwal New South Wales . It is around 130 years old.

$1.40 – Queensland Bottle tree – This tree is native to Queensland and Northern New South Wales.It grows in soil that consists of medium to heavy clay, silt ,sand & volcanic rocks. It gets its name from the swollen trunk which gives it the shape of a bottle. The swollen trunk can reach upto two metres in diameter, is used mainly for water storage.The example depicted on stamp grows near Burnett region of Queensland . It is a large tree 23 metres tall with a circumfrence of 9.5 metres.

$ 2.10 – Green Fig – It is native to Northern Tropical Australia . It is an epiphytic species that starts life as a seed dropped by a bird on a branch or crevice. This tree from Queensland’s Atherton Tablelands is about 500 years old. The Crown of the tree extends 2000 square metres

$ 2.10 – Moonah – It is native to South Australian Coastal egions. It is a dark tree. Grows in sandy soil and near oceans. This tree shown on stamp is from Churchill Island in Western port Bay , Victoria and is about 350 years old

Australian Native Trees 2015