Miniature Sheet on FDC – India 2017- Indian Cuisine -Bhog Prasad.

Stampdigest wishes its Readers and Well Wishes on Ganesh Chaturthi

The Festive season in India has commenced with various types of Festivals all across the Country. The sweets offered or associated with Temples and Deities are known as Bhog Prasad. The recipes have not undergone major changes and the dedicated Chefs at temple kitchens get much of the credit for such cuisines.

A Miniature Sheet was issued on 03 Nov 2017 containing six stamps of Rupees Five each on these Bhog Prasads.A FDC with a miniature sheet of Rs 30 on Bhog Prasad is listed.

Modak – Indian sweet made of flour and has fillings of grated coconut. It is a favourite sweet of Hindu Deity Ganesha.