Bermuda Bowl– 1975 World Bridge Championships – Stamps

The Bermuda Bowl is a biennial contract Bridge world championships for National teams. It is held every odd numbered year under the auspices of World Bridge Federation. The first Championship was held in 1950 at Bermuda and hence the Trophy is named as Bermuda Bowl.

Bermuda Bowl is held alongside Venice Cup for Women and d’Orsi Bowl for Seniors. Italy defeated North America in 1975 to lift its 13th Bermuda Bowl. France was placed Third. Giorgio Belladonna a member of Italian team also lifted his 13th Bowl.

India hosted the 2015 Championships in Chennai in Sep 2015 which was won by Poland defeating Sweden and USA was placed third.

The 1975 World Bridge Championships were held in Jan 1975 at Bermuda to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of First Championships. A set of four stamps were issued on 27 Jan 1975 by Bermuda on this Championships.

5c – Bermuda Bowl, Jack of Clubs and a Good Bridge Hand.

17c- Bermuda Bowl & Queen of Diamonds.

20c -Bermuda Bowl & King of Hearts.

25c -Bermuda Bowl & Ace of Spades