Traditional music and Performing Arts – Stamps of Oman 2019.

The Sultanate of Oman issued a set of Four interactive stamps on the theme Traditional Music and Performing arts .

100 Baisa – Al-Rauwah- It is drummers based performance originating from Musandam , usually performed by men & women during weddings. The most unique characteristic of this dance is its name,which changes according to the time it is performed. It is called “Serh” in the morning , “Sudar” during mid-day , “Rwah” in the afternoon and mostly known for its evening time name of “Siri”

500 baisa – Azi – A traditional Omani music performed in various styles all over the Sultanate.

100 baisa – Rahmani and Kasir – Rythmical Music Instruments

500 baisa – Barghum -Blowing instrument made from horns of Goat or Oryx which gives no more than two musical tones.