Wildcats on Stamps – Romania 2020- Mini Sheets

Romania issued a set of Stamps on Wild Cats on 10 Oct 2014. There are about 38 Species of Wild Cats around the World. The Wild Cats Featured are

3.30 Leu – African Wild Cat – It is found in Africa ,West and Central Asia and Rajasthan. IUCN status is least concern

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3.60 Leu – Asian Wild Cat – It is a African Wild cat sub species which is found from eastern Caspian sea to Kazhakstan and from western India to Southern Mongolia. It is also known as Asian Steppe wild cat or Indian Desert cat. In India it is found in Thar desert and Bikaner, barmer and Jaisalmer Areas . It has sandy fur coat and spots on upper body

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7.60 Leu – Wildcat – It is a species comprising two small wild cat species, the European Wild cat species and African Wild Cat Species. Their average lifespan is 13-14 years.

As per the Independent Newspaper Four critically Endangered  wildcat kittens have been born at Highland Wildlife Park, near Aviemore in Sep 2020.The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS) unveiled the new kittens to the public this week when the wildcat viewing area at the attraction was reopened.

The kittens, one male and three females, are named Strom, Eilein, Druim and Vaara. They were born during the lockdown period to the parents Fiain and Blair.

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8.10 Leu – Southern African Wild cat – It is an African Wild Cat Species native to Southern and Eastern Africa. In 2007 it was recognised as a distinct subspecies based on genetical analysis. The split in subspecies possibly occurred in the area of Tanzania nad Mozambique. It has vertical stripes and tail is ringed with black tip.

Print Quantity – 11,020