Coffee Bars, Varieties and Plantations in India – Stamps on Coffee -India

Indian Coffee – Story through Stamps Part 2- Coffee varieties and Growth of Coffee Industry.

Main Botanical Cultivars in India’s Coffee are Kent, S 795, Cauvery and Selection 9. The earliest variety of Arabica Coffee grown in India was named Kent after the Englishman L P Kent a planter from Doddengudda estate in Mysore. Most common Arabica variety in India and South East Asia is S 795. The varieties auctioned during weekly auctions are Arabica Cherry, Robusta Cherry, Arabica Plantation, Robusta Parchment.

Regional Logos and Brands include -Anamalais, Araku , Malabar,Coorg, Nilgiris,Sheveroys, Wayanad etc, Speciality brands include Monsooned Malabar, Mysore Kaapi Royale etc.

India’s place in Coffee World – India is the third largest producer and exporter of Coffee in Asia and sixth largest producer and Fifth largest exporter in the World. India accounts for 3.14% of World Coffee Production (2019-20). the Coffee Production in 2019-20 stood at 299,300 Million Tonnes. The Coffee export from India stood at US $ 738.90 million in 2019-20 and US $ 120.83 million during Apr-May 2020. 70% of Coffee produced in India is exported.

India Coffee House and Coffee Bars – The First India Coffee House Chain was started by Coffee Board in 1940s but closed it in mid-1950s, It was restrated by a co-operative on 19 Aug 1957 and First Indian Coffee House was opened in New Delhi on 27 Oct 1957. Now apart from India Coffee House outlets in Pondicherry,Lucknow, Nagpur, Pune, Kolkata, Mumbai there are Barista and Cafe Coffee Day Bars in India.

Stamps on Coffee by India Post – A 100 rupees Miniature Sheet with one stamp having coffee fragrance was issued by India Post on 23 Apr 2017.Print quantity was 200,000.