European Eagle-Owl – Norway 2015.

The European or Eurasian Eagle-owl is a huge bird of prey known as a symbol of Wisdom.

The Early Life – A Fully grown eagle-owl has a wingspan of 1.5 to 1.8 metres.In coastal areas it preys on gulls and seabirds and inland rodents and hare are top preys. Eagle-owl does not breed untill he is 2-3 years old.An eagle-owl couple is faithful -remain together for life. It lays upto six eggs at a time in march which hatch in one month.Thereafter it takes two months for them to fly and another four months before they can cope on its own.

Hunting and Becoming Protected Species – due to widespread hunting it was declared a protected species in 1971.

Electricity Pylons act like electric chairs for Eagle-owls – The eagle -owls like to sit high up to to watch its hunting grounds. for this the Electricity pylons were ideal but they turned out to be death traps for them. In 2012 Bergens Tidende ran a story about having perches on pylons. The Pylon had electrified cross bars had spikes to keep owls away. After this story extended bars were attached to cross bars to help them sit safely. After te first ten perches were installed in Tjeldsto in Oygarden in 2012 the death rates dropped drastically. Today 1220-1400 eagle-owls breed in Norway.

Norway issued a 31 Krone stamp on 02 Jan 2015 on European Eagle-Owl