Croatian Locomotives – Stamps of Croatia 2020.

Croatia issued two stamps on Diesel Locomotives on 05 Oct 2020.

JŽ 661/HŽ 2061 diesel-electric locomotives

The first diesel locomotives in the vehicle fleet of Yugoslav Railways (JŽ) needed to be adapted for traction of all types of trains, axle load of 18 tonnes and a maximum speed of 120 km/h. EMD G16 locomotives, made by the American manufacturer Electro-Motive Division of General Motors Corporation, were chosen as the most cost-effective ones. Between 1958 and 1973, said company manufactured a total of 430 locomotives of said series. A total of 218 locomotives in five different sub-series were provided to Yugoslav Railways. Željezničko transportno društvo (ŽTP) Zagreb (“Railway Transport Company Zagreb”). The first 20 locomotives for Railway Transport Company Zagreb arrived by ship to the Port of Split on 3 April 1960. A 6.50 Croatian Kuna stamp was issued . Print Quantity 300,000.

JŽ 642/HŽ 2041 diesel-electric locomotives

After introducing diesel engines, there was a need for procuring engines for pulling lighter freight and passenger trains as well as for heavy shunting. The first locomotive was delivered to Railway Transport Company Skopje in June of 1961. Railway Transport Company Zagreb received 33 locomotives manufactured between 1962 and 1965, while the remaining locomotives were distributed to other subsidiaries of Yugoslav Railways by 1972. Croatian Railways took over all 33 locomotives from Railway Transport Company Zagreb, to which it assigned the numerical code HŽ 2041. A 6.50 Croatian Kuna stamp was issued . Print Quantity 300,000.