Smokvenjak – World Food Day – Stamps Bosnia & Herzegovina Mostar 2020.

Bosnia & Herzegovina Mostar issued two stamps on World Food Day on 16 Oct 2020. A Sheetlet containing eight is listed . Each stamp is 1.10 BAM.

Herzegovina is rich in sun and stone, vines and figs. Even in ancient times, when people lived in poverty, guests were welcomed with open arms and the best that was in the house was brought to the table. The housewives managed to make sweets that were unavoidable at the Christmas table, they were treated to dear guests, and the children were most happy about them. Among such, unique Herzegovinian desserts, are Jelly from boiled grape juice (Ćupter) and Fig cake (Smokvenjak).

Cupter – Jelly from boiled grape juice (Ćupter) is made from the juice of white wine (grape must) which is strained and cooked until it boils. At the same time, a certain amount of cold grape must is mixed with flour and sugar and then lightly added to the grape must which is cooked until it thickens so that it can be easily poured into bowls. Then the jelly from boiled grape juice (Ćupter) is dried for a few days in an airy room with the obligation of daily rotation until it is completely dry.

Smokvenjak – Fig cake (Smokvenjak) is prepared from ground dried figs, finely chopped walnuts and almonds. Brandy, usually grape brandy, is added to the mixture just enough to knead round shapes which are then dried in the oven. Except in round shapes, the Fig cake (Smokvenjak) can be shaped like salami.