ANZAC Biscuits & Pavlova on Stamps – New Zealand 2020.

New Zealand issued a set of  15 Stamps on $ 1.40 each to celebrate classic baked treats. These are favorites found at local bakery shop, made at home, local or regional favorites or recipes from abroad or even the baking tradition of Aotearoa. Individual stamps will be listed separately.

Date of Issue – 01 Jul 2020

$1.40 Anzac Biscuits

During the First World War, women posted parcels of biscuits to men serving overseas and the acronym ANZAC was applied to the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps in 1914. But the crisp, golden oatmeal biscuits did not acquire their name until they appeared as Anzac Crispies in the 1919 edition of the St Andrew’s Cookery Book. Anzac Biscuits live on in both countries.

$1.40 Pavlova

Ownership of the original Pavlova has long been contested in the Antipodes. Culinary researcher Dr Helen Leach discovered a recipe for a meringue ‘Pavlova Cake’ in the 1933 Rangiora Mothers’ Union Cookery Book of Tried and Tested Recipes, sent in by Laurina Stevens. This was a few years after the visit of the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova but two years before the first recipe for a meringue Pavlova appears in Australia.

$1.40 Churchill Slice

Named after the UK prime minister who saw his nation through the Second World War, this baked, two-layered chocolate slice with a coconut filling can be found in mid-20th century New Zealand recipe books.

$1.40 Cheese Rolls

Cheese Rolls are a southern specialty. Recipes vary, but generally to make them spread slices of crustless white bread with a mixture of thick onion soup from a packet and grated cheese, then roll them up and bake briefly to melt the cheese and crisp the bread.