Revenue Stamps Sultanate of Oman

1989 (according to Barefoot).  Similar to previous issue but redrawn with Revenue in slightly taller letters, and Arms of the Sultanate ,inscribed  Sultanate of Oman in English and Arabic, without the floral background.  All values 22½ x 28 mm (no smaller format for low values).  Perf 14¼.  No wmk.  Printed by BDT International (imprint in lower margin).  Arms and inscriptions in black; background colours as under

  R51. 50b grey-blue
  R52. 100b pale greyish lilac
  R53. 250b deep yellow
  R54. 500b dull rose
  R55. 1r blue-grey
  R56. 1½r red
  R57. 3r deep green
  R58. 4r pale buff
  R59. 5r violet
  R60. 10r brown