Whippet & Norwegian Hound on Stamps -Norway 2020.

Norway post and Norwegian Kennel Club held a photo competition and picked four winning dogs to feature on stamps. The stamps were issued on 12 Jun 2020 and all stamps were No value indicator Innland 20g stamps with Face value of 17 Norwegian Kroner on the day of issue.

The Four Dogs featured on the stamps are Flint , Milo , Zkipper & Altea.

Whippet Birk creates enjoyable and memorable moments for residents at an assisted living facility in Oslo. For her efforts, Flint and Ane Brit Sundal were awarded the 2019 Dementia Award.

Norwegian lundehund Zkipper has sailed around Northern Norway and lived on a boat with Johnny Leo Johansen. Zkipper picked up trash along the shoreline and was a great travelling companion.