Stamps on 34th Len European Water Polo Championships – Hungary 2020.

This is the fifth occasion that Hungary has hosted the adult European water polo championships, which were held between 12 and 26 January 2020 in the world-class centre for swimming and water sports, the Duna Aréna in Budapest. Currently the competition is held every two years, in the summer midway through the Olympic cycle and at the beginning of the year in years when the Olympics are staged.

Magyar Posta is marking the 34th LEN European Water Polo Championships, which are being held in Hungary, by issuing a special stamp. Fifty thousand copies of the stamp were produced by ANY Security Printing Company based on the designs of the artists of the Graphasel Design Studio: Csaba Attila Dobos graphic artistand László Ördögh art director.

A male water polo player in action is shown on the special stamp while a woman playing water polo appears on the first day cover. The official logo of the 34th LEN European Water Polo Championships appears on the stamp, first day cover and postmark alike.

The Stamp of 500 HUF denomination was issued on 10 Jan 2020.