Special Cover on Kangri – Jammu – India 2020.

The Lt Governor of Jammu Shri Manoj Sinha released a set of two covers on 26 Nov 2020 in Jammu. The Covers were released by Gandhi Nagar HO. The Covers reflect the Cultural facets of Jammu & Kashmir. The release also coincided with the 71st Anniversary of Constitution Day. On 26 Nov 1949 , The Constituent Assembly of India adopted the Constitution of India which came into effect on 26 Jan 1950.

Kangri – A Kangri is an earthern pot woven around with with wicker and filled with hot embers used by Kashmiris beneath their traditional clothing called Phiren, The Kashmiri Cloak, or inside a blanket to keep chill at bay. It is also regarded as work of art.