Republic of Srpska Beethoven First Day Cover -2020.

Bosnia & Herzegovina Republic of Srpska Issued a stamp to mark 250th Birth Anniversary of Ludwig Van Beethoven on 29 Jan 2020. It was in 1.95 KM denomination.

Ludwig van Beethoven was born in Bonn, Germany, to father Johan van Beethoven, of Flemish descent, and to mother Magdalene Keferih van Beethoven. His family has been involved in music for generations – his grandfather Louis, after whom he was named, was a baritone in the court of the Cologne Electorate. Beethoven’s father was a tenor singer in the same court.

For the last nine years of his life, when deafness became definitive, he retired into his own world of silence, in which he creates his greatest masterpieces: Mass Solemnis, Hammerclavir Sonata, 9th Symphony and the last String Quartets.