Contemporary Lacemaking – Slovenia 2021.

About Contemporary Lacemaking- Modern patterns, traditional technique – lacemaker Tina Koder Grajzar

Of all the various forms of handicrafts, lacemaking is perhaps the one that has focused its creativity most emphatically on a wide variety of modern, technological, functional and design possibilities. Lacemaking is in fact a traditional handicraft with a rich heritage that has allowed it to continue developing up to the present day. Yet in order to find new, creative solutions on the foundations of this heritage, adequate knowledge and skills are required that are not only technical but also related to design. Great steps have been made in this field through suitable training, not only in basic lacemaking schools and courses, but also via university programmes in which contemporary lacemakers have sought and continue to seek their own creative possibilities. Among the latter is Tina Koder Grajzar, a native of Idrija, the centre of Slovene lacemaking, who dedicates herself above all to the creation of contemporary lace jewellery. Her focus is not so much on the technique itself, which allows her to maintain the identity of her products with the predominant use of the narrow-tape style (also known as the Idrija style), as on the creation of modern patterns, in other words design. An example of this is the necklace featured on the present stamp.

A Stamp on Contemporary Lacemaking was issued on 29 Jan 2021.