The Finest Wafer Specialties – Austria 2020.

About 100 Years of AUER

The Finest Wafer Specialities

For the past 700 years we have been able to enjoy “the sweet life“ with AUER products. Austrian Post is congratulating the company with a commemorative stamp in the “Classical trademarks”series.

This success story started in Vienna in 1920, when master confectioner Rudolf Auer decided to manufacture large wafer cakes, sandwiching delicious hazelnut cream between dainty wafer sheets, but had the problem that they kept breaking. The resourceful business man sold these sweet fragments as “Tortenbruch” (broken cakes) and unexpectedly invented a new speciality which was soon given the name “Tortenecken” (cake corners).

Thèse were followed in 1949 by the chocolate cream-filled “AUER Baumstämme” (tree trunks). Over the years ice cream wafers in various forms were added to the range, as well as filled and chocolate-coated rolled wafers. The classic cake corners are also a popular staple of the Viennese coffee house culinary tradition with special cream variations: cake corners à la Mozart or Sacher-style. The gold-coloured packaging is as much a trademark of the popular AUER brand as the crispy wafers or the exquisite cream filling.

Since 2013 AUER has been part of the Spitz group with its headquarters in the Upper Austrian town of Attnang-Puchheim. Its wide range of products are not only enjoyed by gourmets and the catering trade at home in Austria, but are also exported around the world.