Europa 2021 Stamps – Endangered National Wildlife- Austria

The Theme for 2021 EUROPA Stamps is Endangered National Wildlife.

Austria will release a One Euro stamp on Wolf on 08 May 2021 on this EUROPA theme.

Austria’s contribution to this year’s EUROPE Stamps theme of ”Endangered national wildlife” shows the wolf, which was long considered extinct here. However, today around 30 wolves live in Austria again.

The theme of the 2021 EUROPE stamps is “Endangered national wildlife”, which is why Österreichische Post AG has chosen the wolf as the motif for this issue. Owing to intensive persecution, habitat destruction and the decline of its prey, the wolf had been considered extinct in Austria since 1882. However, the first wolves began to re-migrate from around 2009. Today, about 30 wolves live in Austria, mainly in Allensteig in Lower Austria’s Waldviertel region, in the Freiwald forest in the Mühlviertel region and in the border area with the Czech Republic.

Preferably, the wolf hunts old, sick and weak animals – especially deer, roe deer and wild boar. In this way, by reducing the spread of disease, wolves make a valuable contribution to the health of the wild population. Nevertheless, some owners of grazing animals are concerned about the return of the wolf, which is strictly protected in Europe, in accordance with EU nature conservation directives. To enable a peaceful coexistence, WWF advocates for transnational wolf management and recommends the use of herding dogs and electrified fencing to protect grazing livestock.

The new EUROPA stamp “Wolf” with a nominal value of EUR 1 will be issued 240,000 times in sheets of 50 and will be available from 8 May at all post offices.