Cattle of Malaysia – Miniature Sheet 2021.

Malaysia issued a Miniature Sheet containing one stamp and Four stamps in Se-tenant on the theme Cattle of Malaysia. It is a 5 Ringgit MS and has a print run of 20,000. The stamps are denominated at 1.30 Ringgit each with a print run of 250,000 each. The cattle paintings are done chinese ink painting style. The Cattle featured are

Kedah-Kelantan Cattle -Found in Northern States of Malaysia.

Nelore Cattle OR Nellore cattle originated from Ongole Cattle and is named after Nellore District of Andhra Pradesh state of India. It was brought to Brazil from India. It has a large hump over the shoulder

Brahman Cattle – Came into Malaysia from Australia.

Bali Cattle – Have existed in Malaysia and relocated from Johore.