Big Grouse – Europa 2021 – Bosnia Herzegovina Mostar (Croat)

The Theme for 2021 EUROPA Stamps is Endangered National Wildlife.

Bosnia Herzegovina Mostar released two stamps on Male and Female Big Grouse on 05 Apr 2021 on this EUROPA theme. The common theme for the EUROPA 2021 postage stamp issues, are endangered national wildlife this year. Hrvatska pošta Mostar (Croatian Post Mostar) chose a male and a female great black grouse (Tetrao urogallus), a species that is considered an endangered species of game. Black grouse belong to the genus of forest birds from the order of chicken (Galliformes), living in dense mountain forests and feeding on various fruits and berries, leaves, buds, grass, and in winter with the needles of coniferous trees.

Males of the great black grouse have black luxuriant feathers; their wings are reddish-brown with a white spot on the wing joint. They have a bright red crescent above their eyes and a dark green wreath around their goitre. They grow from 65 to 70 cm with an average weight of 7 kg. Females do not have as gorgeous feathers and they are by a third smaller and lighter than males. Their feathers are reddish-brown with black striped patterns, to conceal and protect themselves more effectively from predators. At the time of mating, males have a “love ritual” that attracts females. They spread their beautiful tail, raise their head and produce different sounds and fight with competitors. Females lay five to nine spotted eggs in tall grass or ferns on which they sit for about a month