U 2 -A Celebration – Ireland 2020.

On October 15, 2020, An Post issued a set of four stamps to celebrate U2’s long and distinguished career. Designed by Shaughn McGrath Creative, each stamp represents a different era from U2’s musical journey and reflects four of the band’s most memorable albums. The FDC features a photograph of U2 performing at the Dandelion Market, Dublin, 1979.

‘The Joshua Tree’, released in 1987, was arguably U2’s first masterpiece album and put them on the cover of ‘Time Magazine’ as ‘Rock’s Hottest Ticket’. Central on the stamp is a silhouette of a lone Joshua tree with its iconic cruciform shape and unique grandeur.

‘Achtung Baby’ was released in 1991. It’s experimental, industrial, darkly lyrical songs were one of the soundtracks of the early 1990s. The iconic achtung ‘baby’ on the stamp was originally spray painted on the wall of Windmill Lane, where the band recorded much of their early songs and albums.

‘All That You Can’t Leave Behind’ was released in 2000. The soulful album was seen as a return to the band’s traditional sound after their more experimental records of the 1990s. The album and the stamp feature an icon of a stylized suitcase with a heart inside it.

‘Songs Of Experience’ was released in 2017 by a seasoned band of four musicians, looking back. The album cover photography by Anton Corbijn features two of the band member’s children holding hands, realised on the stamp as a white silhouette against a graduated blue.