Tree Leaves – Andorra (Spain) – 2020

Accompanying pedestrians on their walks along the streets and in the squares, the lime tree populates the towns and cities of Andorra, providing good shade and the intense, pleasant aroma of its blossom, with yellow petals and filaments.

It is a tree that grows in the mild regions of the northern hemisphere, and despite its slow growth, it can reach a height of up to 40 metres and have a trunk of almost one metre in diameter. Its longevity is also outstanding, with some trees reaching 900 years old.

It is also a deciduous tree whose cordiform leaves have a serrated edge. These leaves are darker green on top and have a silvery light-green shade on the bottom.

The medicinal properties of its blossom have been known since ancient times. The blossom is infused to create the well-known limeflower tea, which has relaxing, calming and sleeping properties.

The landscaping use of the lime tree is taken into account in urban forestation due to its spectacular yellowish autumnal hue and the shade the trunk acquires in winter.

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