Estonian Ornithological Society – Estonia 2021.

About 100th Anniversary of the Estonian Ornithological Society

The Estonian Ornithological Society was established on 1 May 1921. For over one hundred years, the society has contributed to the research, protection and introduction of our bird species. With more than 600 members, the ornithological society is currently one of the largest nature protection societies in Estonia and it is also a partner of the international bird protection organisation BirdLife International.

Bird of the year – Starling

The starling, with its spotted black feathers and yellow beak, is the well-known announcer of Spring. The nuptial plumage of starlings with its green and violet sheen is remarkably beautiful and the songs they sing to attract partners are skilful.

Estonian Ornithological Society has been electing a bird of the year since 1995 starling is the 27th bird of the year

Date of Issue – 29 Apr 2021 Two stamps of 1.90 Euro Each Print run -12,000 each

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