Eurasian Hoopoe – EUROPA 2021- Estonia

The Eurasian hoopoe (Upupa epops) is a bright and colourful bird about the size of a pigeon. It has a feather tuft on the top of its head which stands up when excited. The elegant bird may often be seen walking on the ground or sometimes even running short distances. It is also capable of climbing trees, but this can rarely be seen. Its flight is reminiscent of a large butterfly because of its undulating path and rapid wing flapping. The Eurasian hoopoe nests in hollows in trees, on the ground or in walls. It is afraid of men but not of man-made structures. The bird tries to reuse its nest for several years. They do not clean the nests which is why they tend to smell. The Eurasian hoopoe mainly eats insects, particularly beetles and their larvae.

Issue Date – 06 May 2021 Denomination -1.90 Euro Print – 30,000