COVID 19 Waste Management -Spain 2021.

Since COVID 19 came into our lives and turned everything upside down, there are many open fronts that the world population has to fight.

The management of the pandemic, in addition to taking care of the sick, controlling infections, developing vaccines or treatments to alleviate and end this terrible disease, presents other types of collateral challenges, but just as important for the future of planet Earth. , as is the management of waste generated as a result of this situation.

Correos, in its eagerness to actively collaborate in this global crisis, as well as in the protection of the environment, wants to pay special attention to raising awareness about the management of COVID waste.

To do this, it issues a stamped stamp in the form of a waste container, in which you can see a mask deposited in it.

The stamp is framed in a block sheet in the form of a diptych, inside which are included 6 cards franked with rate A, dedicated to raising awareness about the invasion of waste in different natural places.

The Post Office wants to encourage the population to be responsible with the use of masks, gloves and other protective elements, making proper use of them and, above all, giving them an appropriate end so that the impact on the environment is the minimum and essential.

Whenever possible, it is convenient to use reusable elements and, above all, to deposit them in the containers destined for recycling or destruction by specialized companies for this.

In this way, the day we finally end this global pandemic, we will have limited in some way the damage that this virus has caused in our lives.

We must not forget that protecting the environment is also protecting our health and our future.

Date of issue18 Mar 2021 Denomination 5 Euro Print 140,000.