Madrid Press Association -125th Anniversary -Spain 2021

The Madrid Press Association (APM) was founded at 10:00 p.m. on May 31, 1895, in the assembly hall of the Royal Matritense Economic Society of Friends of the Country, by 173 journalists; Among them, there was only one woman: Jesusa Granda, a contributor to the newspaper “El Globo”. The founding meeting was attended by all the directors of the newspapers of the time and most of the leading journalists of the time.

One of the main objectives of this association is to fight in defense of the freedom of information and the dignity of the journalist. This objective is still in force today, at a time when social networks become the main sources of disinformation, causing the newly called “fake news” that make up reality at the whim of those who generate them.

Information is power, it has been and always will be, therefore, taking care of it and respecting it is essential so that it does not become a double-edged sword.

For all these reasons, freedom of expression and information needs more than ever a staunch defense like the one that the APM has carried out every day for 125 years. Such a special anniversary, since 125 years are not celebrated every day, deserves a stamp like the one that Correos dedicates to this association.

The seal maintains the blue, identifying color of the Madrid Press Association, in which past and present are mixed with illustrations of tape recorders, microphone or mobile phones, essential tools for these professionals and symbols also of that “truth” that they defend , since what is recorded, in any way, remains.

This permanence is one of the main characteristics of the stamps, because this tribute to the APM will remain forever engraved on a small four-centimeter stamp, with which it will always be remembered that for more than a century, there has been an institution that watches over for the veracity of the information and the protection of its professionals.

Date of issue – 19 Jan 2021 Denomination -1.50 Euro Print run – 160,000