Stamps on Loggerhead Sea Turtle – Madeira -EUROPA 2021

The loggerhead turtle (Caretta caretta) is a cosmopolitan marine reptile that can be found in every ocean in the world except the icy Arctic and Antarctic waters. Most of their lives are spent at sea, where many are caught in trawls and other abandoned fishing gear and eventually drown.

Females only return to land for a few hours every two or three years to lay, where they are often hunted for their meat and eggs. On developed beaches, hatchlings can also be fatally attracted to the artificial light from buildings, rather than following the reflection of the stars on the sea, their only natural shelter. The continued pollution of the oceans, particularly by plastic, poses further threats to this species and it is therefore considered to be endangered (EN).

A FDC with MS is listed.

Date of Issue -07 May 2021 Denomination -0.88 Euro

Print run – 1,35,000 MS Print -35,000