First Day Cover Miniature Sheet- Azorean Tea -Azores 2019

Azorean tea is regarded as a ‘pearl of the Atlantic,’ a biologically-produced drink packed with health bene ts, including anti-carcinogenic components that also help to prevent cardiovascular diseases. In addition, tea is also a drink with a very sociable side. It is often savored during long chats at beautifully set tables with regional embroidered tablecloths, or during the exciting harvest time that comes along with popular original costume, typical regional songs, and festival atmosphere provided by folk dance groups and guilds.

Azorean tea grower’s production use processes that generate green economy through sustainable agribusiness, and the ecological value of the tea, based on maintaining the quality of production, processing and marketing as a regional hallmark, at the same time as looking after the environment and human health. In this way, the ‘gourmet’ spirit of Azorean tea that presentsa ‘unique’ typical oral, fruity and sweet aroma ful ls its destiny as a ‘green’brand of the Azores.

Date of issue 27 June 2019