Tea from Azores -2019

The Azorean tea plantations at the factories of Chá Gorreana and Chá Porto Formoso, the only industrial tea-producing units in Europe, cannot compete in terms of production volume with the more than 34 countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Oceania (the main centers of global production) that yield more than three million tonnes of tea per year. However, Azorean tea certainly holds its own properties (or characteristics) when it comes to quality, showing a superior polyphenol content and consequently a higher antioxidant activity than (or as compared to) teas from other origins. Furthermore, it is free of chemical treatments (pesticides and fungicides), from the plant cultivation to the point where it is ready to be enjoyed in a teacup made of typical regional pottery.

Date of Issue – 27 Jun 2019 Denomination -0.53 Euro

Print Run – 100,000.