Think Green -Romania -EUROPA 2016.

Among the international events of 2016 was the 60th anniversary since the first EUROPA stamp issues. On this occasion, the PostEurop body organized an international design competition on the theme Think Green!, this being the topic of the Europa 2016 issue.

Thus, countries reproduce the winning design, belonging to an artist from Cyprus, and optionally add their own creation ,in keeping with the theme and style imposed. Romania issues two stamps with the theme Europa – Think Green!, one of the stamps being created by a Romanian artist.

Darwin -Since ancient times people have realized the important role of environmental conditions on the organisms. The first scientist who highlighted the principle of interaction in the living world was Charles Darwin. Darwin noticed that different species influence each other through their activities and that the success of a species depends on these mutual interactions, in the struggle for existence, i.e. its number of surviving offspring. Darwin’s ideas were developed by zoologist Ernst Haeckel, who first coined the term ecology in 1866.

Ecology is important in the understanding of how the environment works, how it’s affected by various factors (especially human) and how it can be preserved, repaired and improved. In this context emerged the necessity of solving problems to improve degraded soils, the need to study the relationships between plants and soil has also appeared, as well as the multiple problems regarding the protection of the environment, combating pollution in order to maintain human health and ensure life on Earth. For a proper human life on Earth, focusing on the environmental problems is required, the Earth being a very rich deposit of natural resources that allow the existence of life.