Babylon UNESCO World Heritage Site – Iraq 2019

Iraq issue a set of stamps and a Miniature sheet on Babylon which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. A Miniature Sheet of 1500 Dinars was issued on 22 Dec 2019. It Features the Ishtar gate and Lion statue.

The Ishtar Gate was the eighth Gate to the inner city of Babylon . It was built in 575 BCE. this Gate is named so as it is dedicated to the Babylonian Goddess Ishtar. She is the Goddess of Fertility and Love. Other Dieties are represented by animal figures on the walls.

The Lion of Babylon is 2600 years old. It is 11.95 meters high and 2.6 meters long. it weighs 7000 kgs and is made of Black Basalt Black stone. it depicts a Mesopotamian lion standing over a laying Human.