Rab Cake – Traditional Mediterranean Gastronomy -Croatia 2020.

What would you do if told to take home the very best the island of Rab had to offer, but to fit it all into a bundle no bigger than the palm of a decent-sized man’s hand? Impossible?! Rab is so much more than an island, and the islanders, who like to refer to themselves as Rab’jani, are as unforgettable as the many treasures or their island, or škoj in the local dialect. But if we really had to pick one thing to take home, even to the other side of the world, it would be the Rab Cake. This dessert, a cake in form only, as it was originally round-shaped, but does not have to be anymore, captures the very essence of the island’s heritage, industriousness and all its bountiful gifts of nature.

Date of issue – 13 Jul 2020 8.60 Kuna Print Run – 100,000