Israel – Brazil Joint Issue 2020 – Souvenir Leaf

Historically, the gap between Jaffa and Tel-Aviv, which both lie on the Mediterranean Sea shore, is very large. Jaffa is one of the most ancient cities in Eretz Israel, and archeological evidence shows that it was settled as early as the 18th century BCE.

Tel-Aviv was established in 1909 as a neighborhood of Jaffa. In the early 1920’s it was declared to be a separate city and quickly became the economic, commercial and cultural center of Eretz Israel. In 1950, the two cities were merged into one municipality named Tel- Aviv-Jaffa. To a large extent, Jaffa has preserved its ancient character, with houses and archeological finds that reflect the rich history of Eretz Israel and the numerous cultures that ruled over it. The material culture of Tel-Aviv reflects more modern times, from the cluster of buildings constructed in the international Bauhaus style (which was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site) to the modern buildings that attest to the city’s standing as a vibrant center of innovation.

Olinda and Recife were established near each other along the Atlantic coast in the 16th century. Olinda was founded in 1535 and Recife in 1537, and during their first 100 years both cities developed similarly. Each was established by Portuguese settlers who mainly made their living by growing sugar cane in the rich soil surrounding the cities. However, Olinda was granted preferred status and the main cathedral for the region was constructed there in 1540. In 1630, both cities were conquered by the Dutch and the new regime made Recife the regional capital. The Kahal Zur Israel Synagogue, the first synagogue in the “new world”, was founded in Recife in 1636. Recife’s higher status remained intact when the region returned to Portuguese rule in 1654 and the city continued to develop rapidly. Today, Recife is a modern city that serves as the capital of an area with millions of inhabitants, while Olinda, which has preserved much of its ancient character and was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site constitutes part of the modern metropolis of Recife.

Date of Issue – 08 Sep 2020

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