100 Years of Insulin – Canada 2021.

About 100 Years of Insulin

Until 1921, being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes meant a death sentence. People su ering from this disease usually died within a short space of time. The discovery of insulin, which was mainly thanks to research carried out by the Canadian doctor Frederick Grant Banting, was a groundbreaking achievement on par with the discovery of antibiotics. From this point, it was finally possible to provide diabetics with life-saving treatment. Some patients now live with diabetes for over 60 years and can lead independent lives – all thanks to insulin.

What is insulin?

The hormone insulin forms in the pancreas of a healthy person and plays a key role in metabolic processes. It ensures that any sugar extracted and transferred to the blood during digestion is channelled to the cells of the body. Here, the sugar molecules are needed to produce energy. Without insulin, the sugar would remain in the blood, and there would be a shortage in the cells.

The Stamp was issued on 15 Apr 2021. A Booklet is also listed.

[The 100th Anniversary of Insulin, type DWI]