Women Medallists in Olympics – Spain 2021

About Women In Sports – Olympic – First Medalists For Spanish Women’s Teams

On the eve of Tokyo Olympics , Spain issued a Miniature sheet in Olympic Year to honour its Sportswomen who have won have won Medals in Olympics. Date of Issue 28 Jun 2021

With a foil stamp that collects details of three types of balls, the bronze handball, the silver basketball and the hockey in gold, Correos (Spanish Postal Service) pays tribute to the first women who achieved the first Olympic team medals, in those sports in addition to water polo.

The first team to get an Olympic medal was the field hockey team at the Barcelona ’92 Games. If getting a gold is a great source of pride, doing it in your country, in such long-awaited games as those in Barcelona, ​​is much more special if possible.

On August 7, 1992, the Tarrasa hockey stadium enthusiastically celebrated the first Olympic gold for a Spanish women’s team.