Madrid Stew – Spain 2021

About Spain In 19 Dishes – Madrid Stew

Madrid has in the Madrid stew its most dignified and recognized gastronomic representative. A highly recommended spoon dish for cold winter days, which combines vegetables and legumes with meat and charcuterie in its recipe.

It is a recipe that requires its preparation time and that its cooking is slow, so that the dish is perfect.

The culinary tradition of Madrid requires that the stew be served in the so-called three turns or three plates that are served in succession. They start with the noodle soup, as a starter, to continue with a first course of vegetables and legumes, which are usually chickpeas with cabbage, potatoes and carrots. In the second course, the meats and sausages are served, which are usually blood sausage, chicken or hen, along with bacon and blood sausage, to which must be added the bones of spine and cane, which provide their flavor and nutrients. to the stew.

It is typical of Madrid to serve the so-called ball or ball between the vegetable and meat dishes. A kind of meatball or filling made from bread, eggs, spices and minced meat that is cooked together with the stew.

Madrid stew is a popular dish, cheap and easy to cook, which was consumed in the centuries-old taverns that populated the streets of La Villa and Corte. It made it possible to take advantage of the little meat that was consumed and to make the best use of the less noble parts of the animal.

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