MKE Fire Hydrant – Austria 2021

Design meets technology: GRATZ & BÖHM iconic hydrants are awarded with a commemorative stamp

The stamp shows the GRATZ & BÖHM hydrant designed by Gerald Kiska, which was awarded the State Prize for Design and is now a design icon in public spaces.

Design creates benefits for business and society, and these benefits are precisely what designaustria would like to raise awareness of among the general public. A special example is the GRATZ & BÖHM iconic hydrant. Gerald Kiska, who founded KISKA GmbH in Salzburg, one of the largest design agencies in Europe, designed it in 1993, and today, almost 30 years later, it still stands for the successful fusion of design and utility. The Viennese company GRATZ & BÖHM produces the hydrant at Metall- und Kunststofferzeugung (MKE) in Heidenreichstein in the Waldviertel. The production process has remained unchanged to this day.

The GRATZ & BÖHM hydrant is a sustainable product with decades of durability. The materials used in the production process such as stainless steel and cast iron comply with the standard and are suitable for drinking water. As a result, in line with the motto “Designing Desire”, Gerald Kiska has created an emotional brand that to this day stands unchanged for innovative design and high-quality awareness.