Riga Porcelain Museum -Latvia 2021

The museum sector is essential for the cultural industry, which serves society and its evolvement. The new stamp series Latvian Museums has been created to introduce a wide range of museums in Latvia to the public, strengthening the overall role of museums in society.

The print run of the stamp Riga Porcelain Museum is 50,000 copies and its face value is €1.00, which corresponds to the postage of letter-post items in the weight class up to 20 grams within Latvia. The release of the stamp is accompanied by the issue of a special cover with a print run of 1,000 copies. The stamp and the cover have been designed by the artist A. Ozola-Jaunarāja.

In the visual presentation of the new philatelic releases the artist has used photographs by the photographer Gvido Kajons. The composition of the stamp is designed to include works of art made at the Riga porcelain production facilities, which are currently stored in the Riga Porcelain Museum and are part of the National Holdings of Museums: a decorative vase Song Festival, a dinnerware set People, a decorative plate and a candlestick Ilga.