4th Battalion Brigade of Guards (1 Rajput) – 223 Years of Glory and Valour (1798-2021)

4th Battalion Brigade of Guards (1 Rajput) – 223 Years of Glory and Valour.

The 4th Battalion Brigade of Guards was raised on 15 Sep 1798 at Sasseram , Bihar. It had been part of Battle of Delhi in 1803 , was awarded an Honorary Colour. It was part of Battles of Bharatpur in 1805 and 1826. it again took part in Boxer Rebellion in China in 1900 and in WWI saw active participation at Dujaila Redoubt. During WW II it saw action in Burma . It took the Japanese Surrender at Andaman and Nicobar Islands in 1945 ( Celebrating 75 Years in 2020).

In 1922 it became Ist Battalion (Queen Victoria’s Own Light Infantry ) (QVOLI) 7th Rajput Regiment.

It was located in Razmak in 1947 when Partition of India was announced , the return of the battalion from Razmak to India is a story of Valour and Pride. In fact the Indian Tricolour was hoisted by the Battalion in Razmak (now in Pakistan) on 15 Aug 1947.

In 1947 it was named Ist Battalion Rajput Regiment

In 1948 Naik Jadunath Singh made the supreme sacrifice at Taindhar and was awarded the Param Vir Chakra , Nation’s Highest Gallantry Award. The Battalion was part of UNEF in Gaza in 1964-65 and then in 1971 took part Bangladesh War and was among the First to enter Dacca.

The Battalion has won 23 Battle /Theatre Honours till date and awarded One PVC, 2 MVC and 13 VrC gallantry awards apart from numerous other awards.

A Rs Six stamp was issued on 15 Sep 1998 to mark the Bicentenary of this Battalion. It was Printed at Nashik India Security Press and print run was 0.7 Million.

The Battalion Celebrates its 223rd Anniversary of Raising.

4th Battalion The Brigade of Guards 1798-2020

4th Battalion The Brigade of Guards 1798-2020 – FIRST DAY COVER