European Year of Rail -Stamps of Portugal 2021

As an environmentally sustainable mode of transport, and given the urgency of reversing the consequences of the consumerist model in which we live, the railway is called upon to make the greatest contribution to ensuring the future of the transport of passengers and goods in Europe.

By encouraging train travel, whether for the daily commute, business trips or tourism, the transport of merchandise, linking the coast and the interior, or to promote knowledge of Portugal and strengthen its European identity, rail transport has become a key element in changing the paradigm of the transport system, responding to the digital challenge and promoting the European Green Deal, with a view to being carbon neutral by 2050.

Portugal Issued four stamps 21 Sep 2021 to mark the event.

0.54 Euro – Series 2240 Electric Locomotive

0.54 Euro -Fertagus UQE 3500

0.88 Euro – Medway 4700 Series Locomotive

0.91 Euro – Takargo Vasslah 6000 Locomotive