Working Dogs – Standard Poodle – Slovenia 2021.

STANDARD POODLE – assistance dog

The Standard Poodle is an old breed that has been known in Europe for around 400 years. It was originally used to retrieve game from water – and as a circus dog. Today they are usually companion dogs. They also do well in dog sports and are gaining increasing recognition as assistance dogs.

An assistance dog is specially trained to aid or assist an individual with a disability. They can often be identified by the words “assistance dog” or “service dog” on their harness or vest. A dog trained as a guide dog for the blind acts as an ever-present companion and faithful friend that contributes significantly to improving a blind person’s quality of life.

The Standard Poodle is highly intelligent, teachable, active, energetic, helpful, obedient, resilient, skilful, loyal, talented, elegant, friendly, cheerful and adaptable. Negative characteristics can include excessive barking and destructive behaviour such as chewing furniture or personal items, although this can be avoided through appropriate and timely socialisation. Poodles are very devoted to their owner and family members and love to play with children. They enjoy walks, games and swimming. They can live in a flat or a house, but their owner must be active and able to spend enough time with them. They respond well to a firm upbringing with plenty of positive stimulation.

A Set of Stamps was issued by Slovenia on Working Dogs on 24 Sep 2021 . Standard Poodle is an assistance dog and a 1.33 Euro stamp was issued with a print run of 35,000.