JARDALU MANGO – GI Tag Special Covers -India 2021

The Jardalu Mango from Bhagalpur has been officially recognised in Geographical Indication (GI) registry on 28 Mar 2021. Jardalu Mango which is light Yellow in color is known for its Sweet fragrance. The Coveted tag awarded by the GI registry in Chennai indicates that the product possesses certain qualities and is made according to traditional methods or enjoys a certain reputation , due to its geographical origin.

To establish its origin in Bhagalpur, the applicant, the Bhagalpur Jardalu Aam Utpadak Sangh of village Maheshi in Sultanganj block, had referred to a 200-year-old Jardalu tree in Tagepur village which, they claim, is the mother of all Jardalus in the region.

A Special Cover was issued by India Post Bihar Circle on Jardalu Mango of Bhagalpur (GI TAG ) on 03 Sep 2021. This variety is found in Bhagalpur.