A + Priority – Definitives of Sovenia 2021

On 1 July 2021 Slovenia’s national postal operator Pošta Slovenija introduced a new priority mail service for domestic mail. This effectively introduces a system of two delivery speeds, which also means major changes in the way that Pošta Slovenija organises its work.

In the case of priority mail, Pošta Slovenija guarantees to deliver at least 95% of such items in one working day and at least 99.5% within two working days.

In the case of non-priority mail, at least 99% of items will be delivered within three working days. Put simply: when you are really in a hurry and you want your mail delivered in Slovenia on the next working day, choose priority mail. Priority mail items will be marked with a sticker reading “Prednostno/Priority”.

For easier indication of the postage for priority items, two definitive stamps on self-adhesive paper have been issued. The first is marked “A + PREDNOSTNO”, which represents the domestic rate postage for a priority standard letter. The second stamp is marked “B + PREDNOSTNO” and covers domestic rate postage for priority ordinary letters in the first weight class and postcards.

Date of Issue 24 Sep 2021.